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TENS/EMS Combo Unit

  • 9 preset TENS programs
  • 8 preset EMS programs
  • 5 preset massage programs
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POW.R Mobility Pack

  • 1 x Medium round foam roller
  • 1 x Spikey ball
  • 1 x Stretch band
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Foam Roller
Short Round

  • 15cm diameter x 30cm in length
  • Small, light, portable
  • Regains its shape after being compressed
  • Extremely durable
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Foam Roller
Medium Round

  • 14.5cm diameter x 45cm in length
  • Premium quality EVA material
  • Suits a variety of clinical applications
  • Extremely durable
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Foam Roller
Long Round

  • 15cm diameter x 91cm in length
  • Used to improve balance & stability
  • Excellent memory characteristics
  • Extremely durable
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Stretch Band

  • 107cm
  • Heavy duty resistance
  • Stretch & strengthen muscles
  • Increase joint mobility
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